Civilian Training

Civilian Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

The Right Training

Basic Professional Pilot Course (2 Days, 2 Flights)

  • Classroom instruction (4 hours)
  • 1 Basic Handling flight and 1 demonstrate proficiency flight
  • Advanced handling, unusual altitudes, clean / dirty / accelerated stalls, Stall / Spin recovery

Advanced Professional Pilot Course (2 Days, 3 Flights)

  • Basic Course plus added Night / IFR simulations
  • Vision limiting devices
  • Display failures (added “startle factor”)
  • Specifically designed for management / supervisory pilots

Professional Pilot Refresher Course (1 Day, 1 Flight)

  • Designed for Basic and Advanced course graduates
  • Refresher Academics and 1 Flight with emphasis on upset performance

The Right Experience

All Instructors Are Military Trained Professional Pilots

  • Former USAF and USMC fighter pilots who are current airline / corporate pilots
  • Combined 40,000+ hours of jet and high performance aircraft experience

Custom Training Solutions

  • Tailored academics and flight training
  • On-site training available

Continued Support After Training

  • High quality video of inflight training and all academic materials included
  • Periodic Updates on UPRT trends and news via email

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