Custom Production

Custom Production

RSW Aviation has upgraded over 80 L-39 aircraft and owns a fleet of Shorts Tucanos. In producing these aircraft, we have delivered custom work on the aircraft systems and avionics.

We have also integrated advanced avionics for a light attack Tucano to include:

  • Heads-up display and / or Helmet Mounted Display
  • EO/IR sensors (FLIR & WESCAM)
    • Video recorders
    • Datalink video to ground stations
  • Stores Management Systems (SMS)
  • Night vision
  • Advanced weapons:
    • Mk 80s series weapons
    • Laser Guided Bomb (LGB)
    • Rockets (unguided and guided)
    • Hellfire
    • 50 Cal gun
    • Practice / inert / training rounds

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